About masterpiece

We make products that can make our customers smile via hair care.
Since the brand was launched in 2018, masterpiece’s sentiments have not changed.
There are more people every year who are worried about their hair getting damaged, but hair care products that have coped with the times has actually been limited.
That is why in the middle of that, our mission has been to tackle worries about hair with unique approaches always taken from new perspectives, and to investigate them thoroughly.
The true value of hair care is offered by masterpiece to be passed down into the future.

Innovative techniques that “commit” down to the hair root

What was “new” yesterday is “old” today.
So that masterpiece is always “new,” we continue to reform everything, from the ingredients, their combination, how it feels when applied, and even the design of the bottles.
The ingredient that represents that is NcPA (sodium cyclic lysophosphatidic acid).
This entirely new ingredient brought about by a Japanese compound manufacturer successfully mass producing it for the first time is the result of the combined efforts of technology and foundational research done at a university.
This unique scalp lotion that combines the most highly concentrated NcPA in terms of manufacturer standards overthrows the concept of hair care.

Dr. Mesri’s conviction has produced this wonder

A single agricultural expert gave birth to masterpiece.
Dr. Shahram Mesri “沙木植谜” of Agricultural Science is the foremost figure in biotechnology, and he is a specialist in terms of selecting ingredients.
Dr. Mesri has made many achievements in the fields of skin and hair care, and now he is tackling scalp care.
By generously making use of the know-how he has acquired over many years, he has selected ingredients that will enhance the natural strength and beauty of any hair type.
Dr. Mesri’s conviction has built up masterpiece as a true wonder.